The Bed Collection

The Bed Collection

Contemporary designs inspired by the early 20th century modernist movement and the Wiener Moderne. 

This collection draws on the movement's essence: redefining conventions, deconstructing shapes and urging the viewer to dive inwards. Embodying these ideas, the unique designs are fashioned with comprehensive upholstering techniques, with the fabrics complementing them.

The bedroom must be a place of aesthetic retreat. The four independent designs by Bodo Sperlein meet this requirement to the highest standard. The beds - named Rondo, Ella, Volon and Hudson - offer different design languages and can be adapted to individual needs on request. Delicate details, quality and longevity are the signifiers of true luxury in our time.

Longevity is a design priority for Bodo Sperlein’s studio and the solidity of the range makes them an acquisition to treasure, rather than consign to transience.

The designs are available in a variety of upholstery fabrics. The range celebrates luxury style and true sleeping comfort with price points for a wider audience.

Photography: Fabian Frinzel

Art Direction: Studio Homburger

Bed Collection


A resting place in the bedroom with its rational and harmonious construction. Straight, semi-tube-shaped elements combine to form a comfortable headboard. The inspiration was the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, where 40,000 evenly shaped basalt columns rise into the sky at different heights. An integrated, round bedside table takes up this formal language and merges practicality and aesthetics. A bed that allows for a variety of combinations and stagings.

Bed collection


The hedonist of this collection. The unmistakable headboard with its large, exhilarating arches cites design styles that celebrate enjoyment and experimentation – such as the Jazz Age in the Roaring Twenties or the Memphis Group of the 1980s. Ella is full of energy and joie de vivre and highlights the centre of the bedroom with its striking structure. The perfect companion for an epicurean lifestyle.

bed collection


Volon's unusual headboard gently encloses the space and provides comfort and protection. A finely placed metal bar underlines the elegant design and gives Volon its contemporary lightness.

Bed collection


With its abstract, tectonic structure Hudson spans an arc from Viennese modernism to Art Deco and Frank Lloyd Wright. If Viennese modernism sought rhythm and harmony in the arrangement of surfaces, the American Art Deco movement reflected the advent of the urban age. Frank Lloyd Wright, on the other hand, dissolved rigid shapes and boundaries by means of shifted surfaces. Hudson offers all these associations, but above all creates versatile and surprising perspectives.