The September Issues | 2017

The September Issues | 2017

We've got multiple press stories from the latest month we would like to share with you.

Hole & Corner's Sam Walton interviewed Bodo about his relationship with materials for the Material issue. You can read more about the feature here.

For our German audience, The Materialist wrote a piece on Bodo Sperlein's work for Loewe.

We're loyal readers of Wallpaper*, so when Amy Heffernan featured our Loewe bild 5 we were thrilled. You can see here.

"A man for all eventualities". Conde Nast's  Ad Germany described Bodo as a brand-guru at the forefront of creating technology with soul, bringing new life to 'sleeping beauty' brands. You can see the article here

And last but not least, Gregory Han's words at our favourite US digital magazine, Designmilk. Gregory acknowledge's the radically thin bild x in this feature, stating it's an exciting time for televisions. We would have to agree.