Room Diseño

Room Diseño

The Voliere chandelier, designed by Bodo for Lzf Lamps has been featured in an article in Room Diseño magazine. 

Read the English version below:

To understand VOLIERE, we must travel back in time to the " Roaring Twenties ". And once immersed in its full ebullience, we must embrace the French art deco movement. Fractional forms, geometry, symmetry, futuristic concepts when it came to designing environments and a significance that championed progress and modernist elegance. From this point on, the discourse behind Voliere acquires much more than that of a simple chandelier.

Designed by Bodo Sperlein for LZF Lamps, this stratified teardrop hangs like the classic chandeliers of that decorative trend, except that its reinterpretation updates its codes by moving away from anachronisms. Its wood veneer body is arranged like feathers, showing a unique and different approach depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Seeing it presiding over the Chiesa Cristiana Protestante, where it was exhibited during Milan Design Week, froze time and allowed us to experience the glamour of the Belle Époque in the 21st century.

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