How To Spend It | Financial Times

How To Spend It | Financial Times

In the latest edition of the the Financial Times luxury lifestyle magazine How To Spend It, Bodo was titled The Aesthete: a connoisseur of the beautiful.

Bodo gives us a glimpse into a designer's habitat, from foodie gadgets to Viennese perfume, discussing his favourite pieces from luxury brands such as Filson and Zenith, as well as his attachment to his Pashley bicycle.

Writer Charlotte Abrahams reveals the influences behind Bodo's aesthetic, including style icon Steve McQueen and the draw of constructivist art. It's clear that quality craftsmanship and elegance are an obsession that permeates both his home life and business, such as his creative direction for Loewe.

If you're looking to explore, Bodo also reviews his recent trip to Norway's breathtaking fjords for the Land Rover BORN Awards, gives a brief guide to the most sophisticated spots in Munich and recommends Lorne Restaurant as a local favourite in Pimlico.

Read the full article and more about Bodo's personal taste here.

Photography: Gabby Laurent