Neue Werkstatten: Vienna Vibes Event

Wed, Mar 11, 20

Bodo Sperlein presents his creations in the exhibition VIENNA VIBES, uniting his collaborations with well-known manufacturers for the first time in the Neue Werkstätten in Munich. 

The exhibition will run from 12th March to 9th April.

The fascination of the designer Bodo Sperlein for Vienna, Viennese Modernism and the Wiener Werkstätte production community, based around Josef Hoffmann and Koloman Moser, now take shape in a series of extraordinary new designs.

With a wide range of selected furniture, lighting, fabrics and accessories the Neue Werkstatten is one of the prime addresses of the city. It is the passion for good design that united Marina Woschni and Johann Klopsch, the managing director of neue Werkstätten, with Bodo Sperlein. 



"Vienna Tourism has been cooperating with traditional Viennese companies for many years from craftsmanship or culture, because we recognized early on that companies are the best postcard of our city’s DNA. This is particularly important at a time when major cities and their offerings are becoming increasingly similar; tourism for us goes deeper than a global attention contest. A city needs a good mix of international brands and local businesses that affirm a local identity. Luxury is what others don't have."

Norbert Kettner, Tourism Director of Vienna


SCRIPT / Lobmeyr

The script lighting series cites the classic design language of Viennese Modernism – and is the best proof of a successful combination of tradition, innovation and aesthetics. Behind the traditional craftsmanship of Lobmeyr, the purist-elegant design by Bodo Sperlein shines through tailor-made table, floor and wall lamps meeting modern digital building technology, allowing these lamps to be controlled via an app and Bluetooth.


ONDA / Jarosinski & Vaugoin

Enthroned on curved glass rods of the Viennese glass manufacturer Lobmeyr and elaborately manufactured silver attachments: the ONDA is a modern centerpiece. A cooperation between Bodo Sperlein and Vienna’s traditional silversmith Jarosinski & Vaugoin, brings together the desire to create a new modernity for the silver material and return it to everyday use.


BLAST, BLITZ, BOOM, BALBO CS and BOJA CS / nya nordiska

The fabrics from nya nordiska are unmistakable – just as Bodo Sperlein's signature. For five exclusive new designs, the designer is inspired by the roots of Viennese modernism and created expressive, graphic jacquard patterns in a finely threaded cotton quality, the effect of which in the room, whether as a cover or curtain fabric, unsurpassed.


VOLON, HUDSON, RONDO and ELLA / Richard Behr

With the Hanseatic bed manufacturer Richard Behr, founded in 1917, Bodo Sperlein expands its portfolio with beds, handmade to the highest technical level. When designing the four models, Bodo Sperlein enters the late phase of Viennese Modernism, playing with deconstructed forms and adheres to a timeless and elegant design language.



Inspired by 20th century Art Nouveau and handmade in the UK by master British craftsmen, the Contour is produced using the finest hand selected wood and explorative finishing techniques. Through combining a traditional and technological making process, this solid wood furniture is given an unexpected fluidity, enhanced by the harmonious echo of the curvature between the bench and table.



As a response to the lack of really good lime paints, Bauwerk Colour was founded 20 years ago in Fremantle, Australia. Today, the brand has over 400 shades, the largest lime colour pallet for interior and outdoor spaces and offers the most intense tones on a natural basis. For the exhibition rooms, Bodo Sperlein chose Bauwerk colours that reminds him of the aesthetics of Vienna.

Website: Richard Behr

Photography: Fabian Frinzel 

Art Direction: Studio Homburger