Schönbuch: Lola & Ant photoshoot

Schönbuch: Lola & Ant photoshoot

It's all in the detail - our newly launched Lola paravent and Ant side table showcase how the pieces can be uniquely paired with a multitude of homewares and accessories to suit your interior. Having most recently completed a photoshoot for the Ant and Lola, we thought we'd share with you how these pieces could be translated into a home environment. 

The Lola room divider transforms spaces and restores privacy without neglecting aesthetics, whilst the Ant side table has a distinctive and progessive structure inspired by the shape of traditional and antique wrought iron firedogs.  

As well as being able to choose from three, four and five panels, an array of colour options and combinations, the various add-on elements to the Lola enables you to personalise both sides of the paravant, including shelves at various heights, hooks and a mirror.

The Ant side table has a reflective glass table-top, which complements any accessory which is placed on it. From ceramics to silverware, the possibilities to accompany your ant side table are endless!

Photography by Jon Day 

Location at The Stratford 


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