Richard Behr: Design Launch

Wed, Mar 11, 20

We are excited to share our latest design collaboration, working with the German bed manufacturer Richard Behr, we have collaborated to create 4 new contemporary designs. 

The designs are inspired by the early 20th century modernist movement and particularly by the Wiener Moderne. Vienna has been a recurring topos in Bodo’s latest projects. 

This collection draws on the movement's essence: redefining conventions, deconstructing shapes and urging the viewer to dive inwards. Embodying these ideas, the unique designs are fashioned with comprehensive upholstering techniques, with the fabrics complementing them.

The beds will be showcased at Interior Store, Neue Werkstatten, from 12th March to 9th April.

Click the link to see more on our case study

Website: Richard Behr

Photography: Fabian Frinzel

Art Direction: Studio Homburger