Materiality: Silver

Materiality: Silver


Pushing the boundaries while honouring the history of natural materials such as precious metals, stone and timber is a key part of Bodo’s creative process. When the studio came to work with silver, research was paramount. What had the material been used for? How can it be reinvented? The metal itself provided the answers: its anti-bacterial properties - historically used for water purification - high durability, resistance to corrosion and wear, and malleability made it an ideal ingredient for Bodo’s designs.


Bodo Sperlein Tane Silverware Manufacturing


Bodo Sperlein Tane Silverware Manufacturing


Bodo Sperlein Tane Silverware Manufacturing


Tane is a Mexican silverware brand with a reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship, for which Bodo acted as Creative and Strategic Consultant between 2014 and 2016, where he developed a deep understanding of silver and how he could implement it into his work. Bodo’s Tane collection reinstated silver into the sphere of contemporary design, creating a dialogue between the precious metal and other natural materials such as timber and volcanic stone, embodying Mexico’s long history with silver and bringing it into the 21st century with pieces such as the Symmetry salt and pepper mills, Atlas plate and Ravine bowl.


Bodo Sperlein Symmetry Mills Designed for Tane Silver


Bodo Sperlein Moon Sconce Designed for Tane Silver


Bodo Sperlein Dune Bowls Designed for Tane Silver


Bodo’s collaboration with one of Austria’s oldest silver manufactory Jarosinski & Vaugoin stemmed from his ongoing relationship with the city of Vienna, where the heritage brand has been based since 1847. Onda, Bodo’s table top conversation piece in sterling silver and fine glass, put silver firmly back on the agenda for a new generation of design lovers, a sculptural art piece bathed in wonder.


Bodo Sperlein Onda Silver Centre Piece


Bodo Sperlein Onda Silver Centre Piece Fluted Bowl


Bodo Sperlein Onda Silver Centre Piece Oval Tray


In an ever-changing, frenetic world, silver speaks of the past while connecting with the present moment and looking forwards for years to come. It's purity, splendour and fluidity make it a perfect fit for Bodo's design philosophy of elegance, timelessness and pure beauty.


Bodo Sperlein Tane Silver Atlas Plate and Symphony Beaker