Loewe bild 9: Concept to Launch

Loewe bild 9: Concept to Launch

Last week saw the launch of the bild 9 - our most recent television for Loewe. Here's an insight into the ideas, inspiration and process behind its statement design.  



Bodo’s creative direction for Loewe is about introducing an aesthetic strength to technology products, giving them visual importance and interest.

So we looked at architecture and art for inspiration, specifically pictorial and linear sculpture such as that of Fred Sandback, which utilises 2D shapes and lines to create a 3D form.


We wanted to create a product that reasserts the television as the focal point of a home interior, contributing to the interior design and providing premium technical quality.

The aim of the bild 9 was to challenge recent convention in which the TV is as thin as possible and little consideration is given to the frame. To move away from this tendency, we wanted to draw attention to the frame, making it into a bold, sculptural piece.









Stage I

The bild 9 was originally designed with a rear leg completing the frame, a discrete method of cable management. 

Stage II

We explored the option of incorporating audio into frame of the bild 9 range by experimenting with perforation details. After much deliberation, it was decided not to use this in the final design. 

Stage III

Working with the Loewe team in Kronach, developments in the production of the frame allowed us to push the design further, removing the rear section. This created a product with a lighter, more elegant appearance.


Key to the design was to solve the common issue of cable management, whilst keeping the clean aesthetics.

The design was refined through many iterations, realised by the Loewe workshop. In the final design the cables run inside the frame so that they don’t distract from the sculptural quality of television.


A preview of the bild 9 was revealed during IFA Berlin 2016, coinciding with the exclusive Loewe Raum event. This was an important opportunity to showcase Bodo’s designs, illustrating the future direction of Loewe.


In collaboration with Studio Small, the bild 9 campaign photoshoot took place here in London. We worked with photographer Jake Curtis and set designer Hana Al Sayed, both of whom have a prestigious list of clientele, including the Telegraph Luxury, Aston Martin and Gucci to name but a few.