Launch: Loewe bild 5 Colour Code

28 August 2018

Introducing three special edition colours for the bild 5, on the eve Bauhaus' 100th anniversary!

Inspired by the colour theories of Bauhaus master Johannes Itten, our award-winning television design - hailed as 'technology with a soul' - now becomes technology with a personality, as we bring a splash of colour to luxury home entertainment.

This edition range was showcased by Loewe at IFA 2018, with a themed stand created in collaboration with Bodo and Lambl/Homburger Studio.

The bild 5 Colour Code proves that technology can have character and a television can be a design object.

Find out more about the Loewe bild 5 here.

We have introduced three colours to the oak floor stand: Himalayan Rosé is a muted, neutral pink that radiates warmth, whilst Fog Blue lends the piece a restrained elegance and striking Citrine Yellow demands attention.

These colour options are full of individuality, rejecting the assumption that technology products are purely utilitarian. The bild 5 Colour Code brings together cutting-edge OLED technology with a visual aesthetic that resembles artisan furniture.