Lladró features Niagara Chandelier in Flash Moda

Lladró features Niagara Chandelier in Flash Moda

As part of their 70th anniversary, the premier Spanish porcelain manufacturer Lladró was featured in a segment in one of Spain's most watched programs Flash Moda.

The segment showcases an array of Lladro's pieces, one of which is the Niagara Chandelier that was designed by Bodo for the brand. The chandelier comprises of Lladró's iconic, handmade porcelain fairies, paying homage to and exploring the brand's historical identity.

Bodo has designed a variety of collections for Lladró including the Magic Forest Chandelier, Equus decor and the Canvas Vase collection, and continues to collaborate with the brand.

Flash Moda - rtve. Lladró's 70th Anniversary from Lladró on Vimeo.


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