Les Atelier Courbet

17 November 2021

Les Ateliers Courbet unveils an exhibition of new Bodo Sperlein designs as part of the Contour collection, as well as archive pieces from other collections. 


New York-based design gallery Les Ateliers Courbet unveils an exhibition of new designs by Bodo Sperlein as part of the Contour and Onda collection. The new Contour editions expand upon Sperlein’s ongoing design investigation of sensuous lines and curved silhouettes drawing inspiration from the Viennese Secession movement. 

Bodo feels that "Ateliers Courbet forms the perfect platform to showcase my Contour collection, it is a gem of a gallery in the heart of Chelsea"

This exhibition is the global showcase of the latest iteration of the Contour collection, cast in bronze. This is a first for both the furniture collection and the studio as a new medium with new challenges and potential. As well as this exclusive unveiling the exhibition shows off the diversity of Bodo Sperlein's designs with pieces from several other collections. A new finish on the Onda centrepiece created by steam bending wood complements the materiality of the cast bronze. Pieces from Bodo's collaboration with Mexican master silversmiths TANE and lighting specialists Lobmeyr are also on display. 

This growing body of work pays homage to the artisanal dexterity of the woodcrafter-collaborators. While the wood pieces challenge the material's ductility, the latest cast bronze iteration emphasizes the consistent visual and tactile sensuality as the dual bronze finish highlights the movements and folds of the works.

The exhibition is running until January 2022.