Launch: Mega Script for Lobmeyr's 200 year anniversary

Launch: Mega Script for Lobmeyr's 200 year anniversary

Going large for Lobmeyr's 200 year anniversary with Mega Script. A bespoke project and the latest addition to Bodo Sperlein's Script Lighting Series in collaboration with leading crystal and chandelier manufacturer Lobmeyr.

For Lobmeyr's anniversary Bodo Sperlein has reimagined the Script Series. A reflection of its name, the Mega Script is an enhanced version of the original Script Chandelier, translating the signature design language onto a grander scale. The Chandelier’s configurable design grants the piece the ability to suit a wide range of  settings. The elongated arm structure of the design enables the chandelier to be  shaped to a desired size, while maintaining the delicately balanced silhouette.

Accompanying the monumental chandelier is a variant of a low profile, elegant, extended installation design that creates a remarkable lighting experience in more intimate settings.