Launch: Contourline Armchair in Beech

Launch: Contourline Armchair in Beech

Let us introduce you to the natural colour of Beechwood. The latest addition of the Contourline armchair radiates with elegance as it is crafted from the finest Beechwood.

The piece challenges the material of the wood with more complex shapes and fluidity whilst keeping true to the tactility of the original Contourline range.

Photography by Fabian Frinzel 


Respect for the natural materials and traditional techniques is at the heart of this collection, combined with modern technological processes.




The wood is hand selected and masterly crafted to create unique sculptural pieces, inspired by the clean organic silhouettes and elegant simplicity of the early 20th century Art Nouveau movement.


The chair is also available in Black Walnut and Oak.

Recently featured in Layers of Bodo Sperlein exhibition at Andreas Murkudis.