Chef's Tableware no. 01 | Five minutes with chef Asimakis Chaniotis of Pied à Terre

Chef's Tableware no. 01 | Five minutes with chef Asimakis Chaniotis of Pied à Terre

We speak to Asimakis Chaniotis, executive chef of Michelin star restaurant Pied à Terre in London’s West End, on the importance of fine tableware, how to present a plate, and why he chose Bodo Sperlein pieces to support his distinct dishes.


How important is the presentation of a dish?

I like to visualise what my dishes will look like when they’re finished – it’s fundamental to have a beautiful support for food, and I always want it to be something unique and cool. When I came across Bodo Sperlein’s pieces I knew they were the perfect design setting to accompany my creations.

What kind of atmosphere do you create in your dining spaces?

I want people to feel like they’re somewhere familiar and warm, formal enough to be elegant and an occasion, but relaxed enough so you don’t feel embarrassed dropping cutlery. I always strive to create an open channel of communication between front of house and customers, so the latter can talk to us about food and service. Dining with us is fun and experiential.



What do you look for when choosing tableware?

I always look for stylish, beautiful tableware in which there’s something of an old school, traditional feel intertwined with a new era. I like to have crisp white plates with pale, beautiful colours in the middle, as if a coloured light is shining down on the piece – which is why Bodo Sperlein’s Cloud collection is ideal.

What’s your top tips for presenting food?

Concentrate on the middle of the plate and build the food from there, as if it’s a construction – keep things together and tight.

How can people create a restaurant-style atmosphere at home?

Invest in beautiful tableware, lower your lights, add in some nice chairs and a beautifully ironed white tablecloth, and finish by always having a candle and a decanter to hand. Or just come by Pied à Terre and enjoy our ambiance!