Bodo Sperlein Studio Film

Bodo Sperlein Studio Film

Here is our portfolio film, covering the work from 2017 to now. In this time we have worked across Product Design, Art Direction and had the amazing opportunity to unveil our newest bespoke instillation in Essen, Germany. 

With a broad range of clients across a number of industries we have brought our expertise and skills to projects, boosting brand recognition and awareness. Designing products which highlight a brands design ethos and language, we have worked on a number of projects with the brief to redefine a brands design language, implementing this across the companies complete product offering. 

A special project for our studio, completed in 2018, a bespoke instillation for a church in Erbach, Essen, Germany. Approached in 2017, we were briefed to create a concept for a three part permanent installation for the church, a Font, Ambo and Candle holder.

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