Nidus Kosmos exhibition

Nidus Kosmos exhibition

Bodo received an invitation to take part in an exhibition titled "Houses in Books" at the Nidus Kosmos gallery in Düsseldorf, curated by formed global editorial director of AD, Oliver Jahn. The exhibition showcases a collection of 100 books that have greatly influenced individuals from the fields of architecture, design, and culture throughout their careers.

For his contribution, Bodo loaned the gallery a book called "The Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2003." This book highlights the remarkable project by the acclaimed architect Oscar Niemeyer, who has been a significant source of inspiration for Bodo. Alongside the book, Bodo included a note as part of the display.

"The book is a treasure trove of insight into Oscar Niemeyer's only UK project, the iconic Serpentine Gallery Pavilion of 2003. It offers a glimpse into his creative process and includes interviews with him and the Serpentine curators, highlighting his diverse repertoire" 

The book is on display at Nidus Kosmos gallery from May 27th to July 29th.